EPIC Program Complaint Notice and Procedure

The EPIC Program encourages students to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with their program staff. 

INFORMAL PROCESS: Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level. 

FORMAL PROCESS: If an informal conference regarding a complaint fails to reach the outcome requested by the student, he or she may initiate the formal process described below by timely filing a written complaint form. 

The Texas Education Agency requires that all Educator Preparation Programs have a formal complaint process in which individuals may seek redress for alleged grievances. The Complaint Policy of The EPIC Educator Preparation Program is found in the EPIC Handbook. 

If a resolution for a complaint is not achieved through informal means, a formal complaint is filed.

Use of this Formal Complaint Form is required. Completed Forms and supporting documentation should be turned into the Main Office at YES-EPIC: 702 Cincinnati Road, San Antonio, 78210.

File a complaint with TEA

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