What Educators Are Saying About EEP


Hear from educators who have participated in EEP activities.

"It has been a year full of learning! EEP is moving us in the right direction!"
- Campus Leadership Team Member

"EEP has made me more aware of how I used to teach and how I teach now. EEP has allowed me to come out of my classroom and share my ideas as well as getting new ideas from other teachers...Every student deserves a teacher that  was trained through the Educator Effectiveness Process." - Career Teacher

"The Educator Effectiveness Process has motivated me to go back to school to become a teacher, an effective teacher." 
- EEP School Non-Educator

"This process is changing the culture of our school!"
- Campus Career Teacher

"The process (EEP) is an informative and effective process. It informs us on what is expected to improve our students' performance. I felt like a student in a professional development or continuation education program.  It taught me how to be an active and effective educator." - Career Teacher 

"EEP has made such a difference on our campus... it made us successful, of course we want to sustain it!" - Superintendent

"EEP has been a tool/or me that has allowed me to evaluate myself and the progress that I'm making in my teaching career. I'm more aware and in tune with what is expected of me and what I should be doing within my classroom. I've gained valuable knowledge by attending the various meetings and gleaning from other teachers  within my grade level  and beyond. I've received great feedback from peers and my  administration that has helped  me  to reach the goals that I have set for myself. The one thing I know for sure ... is that I still have a lot to learn, and I will keep growing and learning." - Career Teacher

"This process is changing the culture of our school!"
- Campus Career Teacher

"Through the EEP program, summer institutes and the evaluation rubric, I feel that my students are working and learning at a much deeper and meaningful level. The weekly unit meetings allow for personal and professional growth. Together these components  have given  our students a sense of pride, confidence in their ability and a safe learning environment built on success." - Expert Teacher Leader

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